GUE-DPV 1 Training


You can’t go into any of the the local High Springs dive shops and not see a DPV (DIver Propulsion Vehicle or a scooter as they are commonly called), sitting, waiting,  begging to to be fondled inappropriately.  Scooters represent a level of diving that we just didn’t think we would be at a few short years ago.  Not to mention… Read more »

Our First Real Cave Dive-Manatee Springs Via Friedman Sink


It’s been just about 6 months since Cave 2 and we have been busy diving as much as we can. Tina and I have spent a fair amount of time exploring  a little bit of Madison, a lot of Peacock, and a lot of Ginnie springs. We pretty much try a different dive or try to see something new every… Read more »

GUE Cave 2 Training-Day 5 At Ginnie Springs


Cave 2 has been a different class compared to   other GUE classes we have taken.  The challenges were there, the struggle with new skills were there,  but the learning was different.  Mark and Mer gave us the tools to make good decisions underwater; in a positive and controlled way.  Of course there are a number of ways to deal with… Read more »

GUE Cave 2 Training-Day 4 At Madison Blue


It’s the 4th day of Cave 2 training.  We are sore and tired.  Our fingers are chewed up more than normal. I suppose it’s  because of trying to mess with gear in the cold and dragging extra equipment that we aren’t used to in the caves.  So far class is going ok. It’s certainly challenging and fun.  But at the… Read more »

GUE Cave 2 Training-Day 3 At Little River


December 28, 2017 It’s day 3 and we finally got some sleep last night.  However the weather doesn’t seem to be cooperating with us.  It was really cold this morning,  and analyzing tanks with cold fingers was not fun.  Now have even more tanks to analyze,  ( 4 sets of doubles, 2 AL40 deco bottles and 2 AL 80’s) it… Read more »

GUE Cave 2 Training-Day 2 At Peacock Springs


December 27, 2017. Both of us slept poorly again last night,  and this morning Tina  was  feeling worse than yesterday. She had a lot of congestion, and was up coughing all night.  However, we managed to get moving fairly early.  The morning started with the  usual gear prep and breakfast. We analyzed gas,  and I did some fixing of any… Read more »

GUE Cave 2 Training-Day 1 At Ginnie Springs


With the anticipation of GUE Cave 2 training starting bright and early the following morning (December 26, 2017),  Tina and I went to bed at our normal time-ish (10pm).  Unfortunately neither of us slept very well. I ended up sleeping on the couch because we were tossing and turning keeping each other up. I suppose we were just anxious about… Read more »

The Day Before GUE Cave 2 Training


It’s almost bedtime on  Christmas day 2017 and Tina and I are about to start our Cave 2 class in the morning.  We are staying at a house near Fort White, just a stones throw away from High Springs. The class will be roughly 8 hours of field and in water drills for 5 days. This is the pretty standard… Read more »

Underground-2017 Year In Review


We’ve been really busy cave diving, averaging about 10 cave dives per month, since completing our GUE Cave 1 class almost exactly a year ago.   We have learned a lot this year,  and are lucky to have such beautiful dive sites in our back yard.  Now we are on the cusp of taking GUE Cave 2,  and we are… Read more »



Tina and I have been wanting to get some professional pictures taken of us in the water for quite some time.  We always seem to be taking pictures or video of each other, and never have any of both she and I in the shot.  So I contacted Lauren and Jon Kieren to see if they would be interested in… Read more »

My Journey To Better Dive Fitness


I’m not ashamed to admit that I like to eat and partake in the occasional adult beverage.  But when life gets busy I tend to eat more and exercise less. Unfortunately my early to mid thirties have been a very busy time for me;   and consequently I’ve not  maintained a very healthy lifestyle of exercise and proper diet.  Hey… Read more »

2016 Year In Review-A New Year Underwater and Underground


As we celebrate the New Year, Andy and I headed back to Wes Skiles Peacock Springs State Park in Live Oak, Florida. We decided to revisit the Orange Grove cave system as our first dives since our Cave 1 certification. The basin, with a surface-cover of duckweed, is just as beautiful as the caves that lie below. Our day began… Read more »

GUE Cave 1 Training- Day 7, The Last Day


Tina and I had been working hard all week and Mer was gracious to give us an open ended schedule. We pretty much agreed that it would take what it took to do the class and at this point we were just happy to be learning and growing  as divers. As with fundies, we grew so much in just a short amount… Read more »

GUE Cave 1 Training-Day 6, Sweet Sweet Ginnie


It was day 6 and we arrived at the front office of Ginnie Springs just before 8am.   We waited a few minutes for the staff to open up but we were the only ones in the parking lot.  We quickly checked in and everyone there was very nice.  They gave us our “Cave 1” arm  bands and we headed over the the… Read more »

GUE Cave 1 Training-Day 5, Orange Grove and Cave Magic


The week was flying by.  It was the morning of December 22nd and our plan was to meet Mer at Peacock again at around 8 am. We got up a little early and we were making good time.   So we stopped at this really cool breakfast place called The Great Southern Biscuit Company in Mayo Fl.  Tina was wearing her santi… Read more »

Gue Cave 1 Training-Day 4, Our First Cave Dive


After actually getting some sleep and waking up at a reasonable hour to prep gear, Tina and I hopped into the truck and drove towards Wes Skiles Peacock Springs.  It was cold and rainy but eventually it was supposed to clear up (we hoped). We met Mer at the gate around 8am and she showed us to the parking lot… Read more »

GUE Cave 1 Cave Training-Day 3, Slow and Steady


We had trouble falling asleep from just being wired and anxious, and on top of that, we woke up cold in the middle of the night.   The temperature outside had dropped to the mid 40s and the thermostat was set for the low 60’s.  I couldn’t figure out how to reset it in my half-a-sleep stupor, so I just tried… Read more »

GUE Cave 1 Training-Day 1 and 2, Field Drills and Our First Cavern Dives


Class started on Sunday the 18th at EE,  with Meredith Tanguay as our instructor.   We did the normal morning lectures followed by some gear inspection. There are some slight gear changes for cave diving that we hadn’t done prior to class, but Mer got us all fixed up.  Really not much changes but you will see once you take the… Read more »

Twas the Night Before GUE Cave 1


If you asked me two years ago if we would be getting ready to do a cave diving class, I’d have said “no way that’s happening!”  In fact I remember when we first met Mer,  she asked us what our goals were in diving.  The subject of cave diving seemed pretty ridiculous to even think about.  But I guess life tends… Read more »